PROJ² is your best management option
for software development projects
Not sure where the project stands

Proj² calculated expected dates on your work based on your estimates, completion reports, and people you assign, then provide continuous warning as things change about risk to delivery.

Want to follow a clear methodology
instead of applying or inventing your own structure?

Proj² provides a clear methodology of Releases, Product Scope and Task management.

Concerned about your data's security
Cannot rely or can use internet connection?

Proj² is available as a tool for local file editing, as well as collaborative cloud tool.

Create your first local project

Tools are too complex and confusing
Feel like you work for the tool instead of the other way around?

Proj² is as simple as possible, using spreadsheet mechanics where you simply fill in tables for everything you need.

Tools are too expensive?

Proj² is free, and will continue to be so for any projects you manage with it.

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